Supervision Program

Gay A. Hunter is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor. Her belief is that those with years of experience have a responsibility to help those just starting out. This program is available to Counselor Interns who do not have a LPC Supervisor available at their employer.

Focus & Expectations

The focus of the supervision sessions will be ethics, decision making, how to apply different theories of counseling, developing empathy, setting boundaries, building a business, and other topics as they come up.

You will be involved in individual or dyad supervision and periodically meet in a larger group. The individual/dyad sessions are 55 minutes. Group sessions are 80 minutes.


  • Individual supervision: $60 for 55 minutes

  • Dyad (2 people): $50 per person per 55 minutes

  • Group (3 or more people): $80 per person per 80 minutes

Apply for the program

To apply for the Supervision Program with Gay at Ditch the Lie Counseling, please complete the form below. 

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