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I believe in challenging the status quo.

I believe in thinking differently.

I believe my purpose in life is to partner with you to transform your life.

If you are interested in transforming your life, click below to request a free 30-minute consultation.,

Anxiety Counseling

Are you ready to transform your life from

  • Hating crowds?

  • Having problems getting or staying asleep?

  • Your heart feeling like you have just run a marathon—maybe you feel like you are having

PTSD Counseling

Are your ready to transform your life from

  • Being haunted by something or several bad things that happened to you in the past?

  • Having problems sleeping because of nightmares about this event?

  • Having thoughts about traumatic events pop into your

Christian Counseling

Are you ready to transform you life from

  • Going to church, reading your Bible, praying without ceasing and still feeling bad?

  • Feeling guilty because it doesn’t seem like enough?

  • Being afraid a “secular” counselor would look d

LPC Intern Supervision

Have you met all of the academic requirements for licensure?

Have your completed the required examinations with the requisite score?

Do you have a position where you can get your counseling experience?

Do you need a supervisor to supervise that experience?