5 Reasons to Kick Anxiety to the Curb

Here are my 5 reasons to kick anxiety to the curb

Negative thoughts about yourself can cause a lot of anxiety. Here are a few of those thoughts that cause anxiety..

1.       believing lies.

Maybe it was somebody in the 2nd grade who laughed at you when you tripped over a word when reading out loud. You quit reading in class after that. Now you might be an adult, and you still are anxious reading.. It’s time to tell those thoughts of “I can’t do anything right, people are laughing at me, no one will listen to me, etc.” to get lost.

2.       mind-reading.

How often have you been called into the boss’s office and you were just sure you would get a pick slip and then found out the boss was wanting to set up a division softball team? It’s okay to ask a question or to clarify expectations

3.       jumping to conclusions.

Not only do we decide what other people are thinking, but we also decide what the decision is going to be. The actual situation might be 180 degrees from where we thought it was going to be. But you had problems sleeping, had an upset stomach, yelled at your loved ones, drank too much, etc. before you found out the truth. Was it worth it?

4.       personalizing.

It’s not all about you. The reason your boss has her door closed and is talking to another manager may not be about you. It may be that they just found out that the big boss has a serious illness. It’s not always about you. .

5.       overgeneralizing.

Just because you made one mistake 20 years ago does not make you a bad person. You made a global statement that you are no good out of one situation.

What Can You Do to Help Yourself Kick Anxiety to the Curb?

1.       Identify your faulty thought patterns

It’s okay to admit that you have been letting something someone told you years ago get you down. It’s okay to realize your tendency to mind read or any of the others. When you catch yourself using a faulty thought pattern, you can write it down and what you told yourself so you calmed down. Keep a journal of your thoughts and identify any patterns. It’s okay to laugh at yourself when you discover you were mind reading again. We all have those thought patterns in one way or the other. It gets problematic when we let the thought patterns control us.

2.       Tell yourself it’s okay to make a mistake

You are going to be able to identify your faulty thoughts and get rid of them one day and then you got anxious one day. That’s okay. You can always regroup. Guess what, you don’t have to be perfect.

3.       Celebrate when you do kick anxiety to the curb

Savor your successes. When you have a few successes in changing your thoughts, the process will become easier. If you have an oops, it’s all right to regroup and start again..

You are a valuable person. You have a purpose for your life. It’s time to quit letting negative thoughts hamper you from reaching your full potential. You don’t have to let some inconsiderate statement or action from someone in our past continue to have control over you. You CAN kick anxiety to the curb.


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