What is Christian Counseling?

Christian counseling is when your counselor is willing to help you address any problems you are having in your Christian walk. Your counselor may be trained in a regular counseling program, but they are a person of faith and thinks to address a person's spiritual side is a part of helping that person recover from the emotional distress the person is feeling right now.

One Type of Therapy

 A Christian counselor may be trained in cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). "Cognitive" means thinking. It's a process to look at how our thoughts have an influence on what we feel and do. This type of therapy can work well when we are having questions about spirituality or our relationship with God.

The concept, which is a well researched theory of therapy, helps a person identify where the thoughts come from. What was that thing that happened to you that stole your ability to trust come from? There are thoughts about that situation you may still think over and over that keep you stuck in distress. By identifying those thoughts and analyzing them, you can get to a place of changing your thought patterns which will change your feelings and behaviors. It’s learning a new system of thinking and reacting that can reduce your distress. This can apply to your struggles with your feelings about God.

Accept God Loves You No Matter What You Have Done

For example, a person may think he/she has done so many things wrong in their lives that God surely could never forgive them or love them. So basically, the thought is “I’m a bad person. No one including God will love me.”  With CBT, the person realizes that— “yes, I have done some bad things but on the flip side I have done some good things too.” Using the concepts of CBT, the person realizes that he/she isn’t a universally bad person. There are people in the Bible who did some really bad things, i.e., David having Bathsheba’s husband killed, for one—and yet God used them for good. Once you realize you are in good company with some of the people in the Bible, you can learn to accept yourself.

When You are Angry at God

Another person may be mad at God. It may be because they had a child or other family member die after the person had prayed their hearts out for healing. It may be because the person was abused as a child and prayed for God to rescue him/her, and it didn’t happen. There are a number of reasons why a person might be mad at God. This same person may want to get closer to God, but he/she feels guilty for being mad at God. I learned in seminary that 40% of the Book of Psalms were lamentations. Lamentations are when a person is expressing sorrow, mourning or regret. Of course, there is a whole book in the Bible name Lamentations. People were crying to God for one reason or other. Sometimes they weren’t too happy with God. God has broad shoulders and can take it.

We Are the Clay, Not the Potter

We hate to admit it, but we are not in control. God is the one with all the answers. God is the potter. WE are just the clay.  No one has all the answers as to why a certain situation came about. We don’t have all the answers as to why God didn’t appear to be around when we needed Him the most. But working with a Christian counselor can help a person accept the fact that we don’t know everything, and we may not understand what the purpose was for some things in our life. At the same time, we can learn that just because God didn’t seem to be there at one time in our lives, doesn’t mean that God has turned his back on us.

I am committed to partner with you to transform your relationship with God.

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About the Author

Gay A. Hunter, M.Div., LPC-S, is a licensed professional counselor who graduated from Brite Divinity School at TCU. She is committed to partner with you to transform your relationship with God. She owns a private practice in Fort Worth, TX. She specializes in online therapy. She is trained in Cognitive Processing Therapy for PTSD and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. To find out more about Gay click here