About Counseling

Ditch the Lie Counseling is a telehealth practice, in which all services are completed online. That means no more...

  • Fighting traffic to get to an appointment,

  • Scrambling to find a babysitter,

  • Limited options due to driving distance,

  • Awkward parking lot encounters,

  • Or wasting time in a waiting room!

This telehealth practice is available to you anytime, from anywhere in the state of Texas. Learn more about Telehealth

The mission of this practice is to partner with your on your journey to transform your life. We will partner together to transform your life from being in bondage to trauma, depression or anxiety to living a purposeful life . This is not long term therapy. You don’t have time for that.

Getting Started

After you complete the free 30-minute consultation, you will be registered as a new patient. You will get reminders about your appointments, make payments, and begin your video call counseling sessions with counselor Gay A. Hunter through a client portal. An internet connection is required, but you will not need to download any special programs. You will simply click a button on your phone, tablet, or computer and keep your appointment in the comfort of your own home. The video connection used by this practice meets HIPAA patient privacy requirements with bank-level encryption and security. Ditch the Lie Counseling services people within the State of Texas.

Gay A. Hunter is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Supervisor (LPC-S).

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