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Are you feeling depressed, anxious or afraid; but you’re too ashamed or embarrassed to tell anyone about it?

Do you have bad dreams about stressful experiences that cause restless nights and tired days?

Do you have thoughts about those stressful experiences just pop into your mind during the day that you wish would just go away?

Have you been told you are a worthless, you are stupid, or no one will ever want you?

How about—you’ve been told “what makes you think people will listen to you?”

 I have a variety of services to provide relief from these problems and more.

Anxiety Counseling

Do you hate crowds?

  • Do you have problems getting or staying asleep?

  • Perhaps your heart feels like you have just run a marathon—maybe you feel like you are having a heart attack.

  • Do you think you are going “crazy”?


PTSD Counseling

Are you haunted by something or several bad things that happened to you in the past?

  • Do you have problems sleeping because of nightmares about this event?

  • Perhaps thoughts about this event just pop into your mind without permission.

  • Are you on guard or easily startled?


Christian Counseling

Do you go to church, read your Bible, pray without ceasing and still feel bad?

  • Do you feel guilty because it doesn’t seem like enough?

  • Perhaps you’re afraid a “secular” counselor would look down on your belief in God?